is an e-course that aims to empower you with strategies that bring out the best in you so that you can radiate beauty and embrace great style inside-out.


What You'll Learn

A Guide to Be-YOU-Tiful will show you how to

  • discover the beauty in you. It's time you see how magnificent you're.
  • recognise your superpower. Doing so will enhance your self-esteem and you'll feel more confident as a result of it.
  • uncover your core value and help you learn what makes you 'YOU'. Having a great style is about knowing who you're, what you stand for, and how to communicate your identity in the way you express yourself.
  • create your kind of beautiful. I'll be sharing tips on how you can put your best qualities forward to amplify your beauty & great style.

Like anything else that you wish to achieve, you need to know what you're after and how to create a game plan filled with little milestones to help you achieve your goal.

Being beautiful is easy when you know what it means to you and the steps to take to bring out your inner charm.

Would you like to be your kind of beautiful? 


Meet Your Image Consultant
& Creator of A Guide to Be-YOU-Tiful

Hi there,
My name is Genny Chia & I'm an Image Consultant & Lifestyle Coach at

I'm passionate about helping you create your beautiful life by manifesting your beauty in the way you dress and express yourself. 

As a professional Image Consultant, I'd done consultation work with hundreds, if not thousands of women, helping them elevate their style and bringing out the best in them.

I started Style Infinity Image Consultancy in 2007 after receiving professional image training and mentorship from three world-renowned Image Masters. I'm also an Image and Etiquette Trainer and had completed a Train-the-Trainer certification programme by the Emily Post Institute (USA) in 2009. This made me one of the very few pioneer associate trainers endorsed by Emily Post Institute in Asia.

My work is recognised by the Association of Image Consultant International, AICI, (the biggest image association in the world) and I was awarded the title of Certified Image Professional in 2019.

As Seen In

I believe that all women are beautiful. However, not everyone knows how to express themselves in a way their beauty could shine from within. Through my work, I'd discovered that for women to be truly beautiful, they first need to have a very clear understanding of what being beautiful means to them. Hence, I'd designed and developed A Guide to Be-You-Tiful to help women redefine their personal definition and ideal of beauty.  

My mission in A Guide to Be-YOU-Tiful is to help you see your own beauty and create a personal branding that highlights the best of you so that you can be positively beautiful inside-out.

You may be wondering how much is A Guide to Be-YOU-Tiful going to cost you. Well, you're in for a surprise. I'd decided to provide this e-course to you for FREE! Simply because I believe that you're beautiful and you deserve to live your best life. 

What are you waiting for? Life is short and time passes too fast. Let your Be-YOU-Tiful journey begin now.