5 Tips for Supporting Other Women

Uncategorized Mar 12, 2020

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It was International Women's Day last weekend. In my previous episode, I'd mentioned that it is essential we support women around us so that we can progress towards equality.

In this episode, I'm going to give you 5 tips you can support other women around you. Strong women encourage other women and help each other become the best they can ever be. Supporting women starts with the little things we do every day. You do not need to be somebody to be supportive and empowering. You do not need to own a title to want to do good for women. It starts with having the right beliefs and mindset. In this episode, I'm going to share 5 tips on how you can uplift and empower women around you every day.

1. Acknowledge each others' superpower.

I considered myself very blessed to have a group of very close girlfriends I know for decades, and they have been there for me when I needed them most. Whatever they had done for me had helped me appreciate the value of being supported by others and being supportive to others too. We can be supportive of women around us by honouring and celebrating their strengths, which I call superpower because it sounds so sexy that way. Help them recognise their superpower, acknowledge their awesomeness and share their accomplishments. You may do so by:

Step 1: Identify their superpower

Step 2: Share an observation you had made about them that had led you to recognise their superpower.

Step 3: Appreciate the value of the person for their strengths exhibited and thank them for their presence in your life.

This is a great activity to strengthen relationships with other women, especially those at your workplace.

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2. Stop comparing. Start empowering.

Strong women do not compare themselves with others. They know their superpower, and at the same time, they acknowledge other women for their superpower too. Some women may own a big stage, while the rest may enjoy playing a smaller role on that big stage. Some may want to climb the corporate ladder and become a C-level executive. Others enjoy working on their small businesses. Some women relish the joy of being a SAHM, watching their precious kids grow. We are here for different reasons and purposes, and there is no yardstick good enough to measure up. For that reason, stop comparing yourself with others around you, and people to people. Regardless of what you do, you're uniquely beautiful, and you're incomparable because there is only one YOU!


3. Collaborate and offer help.

Have you been in a situation where people were unhelpful, and they keep crucial information to themselves and away from each other, refuse collaborations and create an exclusive platform for themselves? Before we judge upon them, let's take a moment to understand their motivation that leads to such behaviour. Rivalry often stems from having scarcity thoughts, jealousy and worrying that we're not good enough. When we believe that there are not enough opportunities for everyone, we want to fight with people we think are getting in our way. This is not a constructive behaviour because we're operating out of fear. Certainly, some men do suffer from such unhealthy belief too, and it is not exclusive to women. Insecurity fuels toxic behaviours and competitions. Will undermining each other helps in creating more opportunities and help you win your game? Very often, the answer is no. For us to flourish at work and in business, collaboration is key. When we've each others' back, we trust more. By helping each other, we bond, and our relationships grow. 


4. Listen intently with no judgement.

Hearing someone is different from listening to that person. Listening takes understanding. We can support women around us by simply listening to them, especially in times they needed the support. You may not be required to help them solve the problem if you do not have an answer. The key is to listen intently without judgement and criticism. Have an open mind to the problem they share with you and take interests in their well-being. For someone who feels troubled, caring and listening to them will bring them the comfort they need.


5. Accept and embrace individuality.

The truth is I've gotten criticism on the way I look and dress. I'd received negative comments about me putting on makeup and the clothes I had put on sometimes. At the same time, I had also received criticism when I choose not to put on makeup on days I wish to dress down. 

My point is we have many stereotypes about women more than we are willing to admit. The fact is that not all women are made the same. We can support other women by accepting their individuality. Beautiful women don't look a certain way because there is more than one type of beauty. Likewise, successful women don't look a certain way, simply because it's entirely up to you to define what success means to you.

Embrace the ways in which the women around you are individual and do not expect others to live up to your ideals.

Yes, these are my 5 tips on how you can support women around you.

1. Acknowledge each others' superpower.

2. Stop comparing. Start empowering.

3. Collaborate and offer help.

4. Listen intently with no judgement.

5. Accept and embrace individuality.

Now I want you to pick one of my tips given and start taking actions. You may choose to acknowledge someone's superpower or to listen to someone intently and embrace their individuality. When women support each other, incredible things happen. You'll watch your relationship with others flourish, and you'll also grow as a person. 

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