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my style ootd Jun 27, 2019

The answer is...



polka dots.

I'd posted pictures of this wrap-dress on my IG a couple of times, and have been asked from where did I get this? I bought this dress from Shopbop (one of my favourite online store) about six months ago. I love the asymmetric design, and the fabric is very soft and lightweight. Unfortunately, it is now sold out. 

Before this dress, I have nothing of polka dots design in my wardrobe because I never thought I would look good in it. When I first saw this dress, it was almost love at first sight, except for the dots. When shopping for my wardrobe, I would usually go for solid colours, sometimes floral prints, once in a while, stripes. But not polka dots.

I'm going to let you in on a personal shopping strategy that I always adhere to when shopping for my wardrobe pieces - I only allow myself to buy things that I absolutely love. I believe there is no point spending money on an outfit that:

1. I'm not into 100%. 
2. does not express my style personality and flatters me. 

That said, as an Image Consultant & Lifestyle Coach, I believe that every effort made to embrace new things and engage fresh experiences are essential as this is the very first step to create an enhanced version of oneself. Therefore, I'm always encouraging others to attempt to try new things - a new style to update your look, a new restaurant for a refreshing tantalising experience, a new hobby to get out of the mundane cruising mode.

When was the last time you update your style and try something new? What was it? How did it turn out?


Thank you so much for reading and spending time with me. See you soon in my next blog post.




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