Radiate In Your Essence Colour

May 03, 2019

Hello there,

Have you ever wonder what are the colours that flatter you?
Have you ever put on a colour that makes you appear dull and tired?
Do you know your best colours to wear for the different occasions? To a formal meeting, date night with your...

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Wearing Your Colours to Enhance Your Beauty

Mar 21, 2019

Hi there, Beautiful!

As an Image Consultant, part of my job requires me to provide advice to my clients on the best use of hues, and how to integrate their essence colours into their wardrobe and daily life, so that they can look...

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Fashion Colour Trend Report Spring Summer 2019

Feb 09, 2019

Hi there,

In this blog post, let's discuss the trending shades for Spring Summer 2019. I'll also share with you the trending looks to help you embrace the latest colour trends.

The 16 shades are 
1. bright red
2. orange-red
3. pink peacock

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