FREE Seasonal Colour Palettes

4 seasonal colour swatches, each containing 36 hues to help you wear your beautiful essence colours instantly.


Break up with colours that are not flattering you and stop wasting time and money on 'fashionable colours' that are not highlighting your beauty.


These seasonal colour palettes are designed to help you:

  • Easily find clothes in your range of colours when shopping. Check an item of clothing against the swatch before trying it on to see if it is a good colour for you. You do not have to waste time wondering if a colour suits you, or not.
  • Determine if the colour of the item you're shopping for is going to help you complete your wardrobe. With your seasonal colour on your mobile phone, you can easily see if a new item will complement your existing items and build your stylish wardrobe capsule.
  • Colour pairing and matching made easy. Find new and interesting colour combinations unique to you. Experiment with your rules and create colour combinations that are individual to you instead of what's trending.
  • Shop for new items to furnish your home and create your beautiful living space using your seasonal colour palette. Yes, you may use your essence colours to purchase new items for your home that resonate with your best colour schemes.
  • Download these swatches to your mobile phone and carry them wherever you go. 

Download Free Seasonal Colour Palettes


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