Create Your Beautiful Life & Live Your Best Life Planner & Journal are your daily resource to help you define your purpose and goals, stay focused on the tasks you want to accomplish and provide a personal space for exploration, reflection and self-inquiry.

These weekly planner journals are designed to provide daily inspirations and motivations, empowering strategies to free yourself from limiting beliefs, embrace your strengths, values and intentions, set goals and develop milestones that provide the clarity you need to achieve your fulfilling and meaningful life.

Living Your Best Life 2023 Weekly Planner aims to provide you with proven techniques to make introspection a part of your daily habit. This is where your best life begins when you can feel happiness, contentment and fulfilment from within you.

Hazel Chua

I’ve been using ‘Create My Beautiful Life’ planner journal for weeks now, and I absolutely adore it! This planner helps give me a good expectation for the week ahead, keeps me in check with all my tasks and allows me to gain a better understanding of how my week went.

In addition, the weekly unique quotes serve as a fresh start to every new week, and I appreciate that this planner encourages me to reflect weekly on the things I’m grateful for, as well as areas of improvement to become a better individual.

Absolutely loving my planner journal.


  • Self-discovery to promote growth and create awareness.
  • Goal setting and creating milestones for the coming year.
  • 2022 planner to help you take concrete actions to achieve your goals.


  • 2022 monthly calendar.
    Weekly quotes to give you a dose of motivation.
  • Weekly to-do list to keep you on track with your goals.
  • Intention setting to bring presence & mindfulness to your own thoughts and actions.
  • Daily mood & emotion tracker offers you insight into your emotion and mental health.


  • Year-end review reflection.
    Recollect your 2022 wins (big and small) and celebrations.
  • Gathering the best of the year and moving into the new year with grace and love.

The first step to creating a meaningful & purposeful life is to understand your why.

When you know your values, purpose and what's important to you, the clarity helps direct your focus and energy to significant things that truly matter to you. You can then develop daily milestones and the steps you need to achieve your best life.

Understanding yourself also means reaching new levels of self-awareness and self-growth, which ultimately leads to taking actions that help you discover and hone your interests, talents, and strengths.

Living your best life is truly subjective as we all want different things in life, so it doesn't matter what everyone else wants. Run your own race. Define, create and live a life that is true to yourself. 

You deserve a happy and fulfilling life. Let it starts here, now. 

Living My Best Life 2023 Planner is now available until 10 January 2023

To support peace and stability, Living My Best 2023 Weekly Life Planner collection features designs from a Ukrainian designer, Anna Sokol. We've got a responsibility to stand up for what we believe is right. Please join in the efforts to stand firmly in support of Ukraine, and do our part to echo the global and resounding calls for peace. 

USD $55


USD $55


USD $55



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