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Weekly Planner Journal

Living the best life means different things to different people. What immediately comes to mind when you think about living your best life?

Living Your Best Life 2022 Weekly Planner Journal is designed to help you embrace your best life through a deeper self-understanding. Guided by science-based techniques, you'll receive personal development tools & resources that help you gain self-awareness, acceptance, and understanding, master your thoughts, practice mindfulness and become happier with simple daily practices.

If not now, then when?

In each journal, you'll find

  • Questions to help uncover your values, purpose and motivations to promote self-awareness and growth. 
  • Set goals and milestones for the year. 
  • Monthly calendar to provide an overview for the month and support the action plan to achieve your goals.
  • Weekly motivational quotes to inspire you and drive meaningful actions bringing a positive mindset into your daily life.
  • Weekly to-do list to get organised, stay on top of your daily tasks and take action to achieve your goals.
  • Weekly intention setting that defines your approach to reaching your goals. 
  • Daily mood & emotion tracker to help you monitor your mood and emotion and observe the triggers of your negative emotions.
  • Weekly gratitude journal to help you recognise and deepen your positive emotions and relish good experiences. This activity engages the psychological concept known as savouring - a mindfulness practice to appreciate and intensify positive feelings. 
  • A guided year-end reflection to celebrate your accomplishments, acknowledge challenges encountered and areas to improve and venture into the new year with a stronger you. 

Living My Best 2023 Weekly Life Planner Journal will be available in October 2022.

To support peace and stability, Living My Best 2023 Weekly Life Planner Journal collection will feature designs from Ukrainian designers.
Watch this space for more updates.

Personal Branding &
Image Styling E-courses

Research has shown that your outfit choice actually changes the way you perform. How you look and dress impacts the way you think. The clothes you choose to wear are sending messages to those around you, and also to you, yourself. 

So, what are the stories your image is sharing about you, and to yourself? How do you feel about the way you look? Is it supporting you and giving you the empowerment you need to lead you to your success?

Designed and developed by a certified professional image consultant, the image services and e-courses will show you how to be your own stylist and create an impactful image that you love, supports your well-being and propel your personal and business success.


Radiate in Your Essence Colour

An e-course that teaches you how to identify and wear your essence colour stylishly to create lasting positive impressions and impact how others respond to you.  



Celebrate Your Personality Style

Learn how to dress your inner essence stylishly to communicate your true core. This e-course will help you amplify your unique personal branding and boost your confidence.


Radiate in Your Essence Colour
Seasonal Swatches


These free colour palettes will help you identify your seasonal colours
and show you how to wear your beautiful colours stylishly.

Dressing in your essence colour is now made easy.



Elevate Your Style


$55 USD

Do you long for a powerful personal transformation, and you secretly wish to feel more confident and positive?
Would you like to feel inspired and empowered?
Is it time for a wardrobe revamp?

Elevate Your Style is a styling guide that presents you with step-by-step guidance to take your personal style to the next level by channelling the quintessential you in the way you dress so that you can look and be the best version of yourself every day. Essentially, it is an 8-week programme to take you on a therapeutic journey, taking a self-discovery approach to elevate your style and live the life you love.



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