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12 Essential Pieces to Have in Your Wardrobe

elevate your style how to look stylish Mar 10, 2023
Neat closet with basic pieces.

The perfect wardrobe is a closet full of staples or essentials that anyone could mix and match with key items in their closet. This closet with the most versatile and foundational pieces will make dressing up in the morning much more effortless.

Maybe you want a fresh start, are cleaning out your closet, or are simply looking to elevate and update your wardrobe. Here is a list of twelve essential closet staples you need in your wardrobe. Having these staples will streamline your wardrobe but never make it look monotonous. The best part is these are wardrobe essentials that will always be in style.

The Crisp Button-Up

The crisp white button-up shirt is a closet essential straight out of a man's wardrobe. This classic staple will come in handy for anyone, regardless of your style. Think of it as a lightweight outerwear; it can be worn on the beach as a coverup, paired with work pants on a Monday morning. You can also wear it over a dress on a casual day out. The sleeves can be folded up, and the collar can be popped; it is as versatile as you want it to be.


Similar to a crisp button-up, a cardigan is a versatile outerwear. It can be easily dressed up for work or dressed down for a casual day. If you live in a place with a colder climate, a cardigan can be layered underneath your coat. On warmer days, you can wear it as a top paired with any of your bottom. This staple can be thrown in on your way out with any outfit imaginable, from a little black dress to a jeans and t-shirt combo. It will keep you warm and stylish.


The Loafers

One iconic and no-frills footwear is the ever-classic and ever-versatile black loafers. A pair of black loafers will be all you need for everyday shoes since they can be dressed down with blue jeans and a tee-shirt combo or dressed up with a little black dress under a trench coat for colder nights. This is another staple borrowed from menswear, but you can get them with a little bit of heel if you need that extra height boost, and they are also available in many different styles and colours.

The Denim Jeans

Your closet staples are not complete without the classic go-to denim, which is the iconic denim jeans. You can shop them new or thrifted for the most vintage pair; whether you prefer the straight-cut blue jeans or favour a dressier pair with a high-waisted black one, there are a lot of pairing options and having a few pairs of well-fitting comfort jeans in your closet will go a long way.

The Perfect Little Black Dress

Aside from the denim jeans, this list won't be complete without the little black dress or LBD. Like any classic wardrobe essential, this versatile dress is flattering for any wearer and can be paired with almost everything in a closet, making mixing and matching easy for any style. You can wear a classic 90s-inspired little black slip dress or a little dressier with a knitted one-shoulder one.

The Perfect Sundress

A sundress is an informal dress made of lightweight fabric for warmer days. You can easily pair it with ballet flats or even a sneaker. There are many different versions of it. Pick one that speaks of your personality style and highlights your beautiful features and skin tone. A sundress is comfortable, and it always stays in style.

The Perfect Midi Dress

A perfect day-to-night wear staple is the midi dress. Midi dresses are cut calf-length, which makes them ideal for any occasion, whether you are going for something casual like a picnic date in a park or want to dress them up with a statement heel for more formal settings. They are also a great way to show your signature style since they can come from classic white shirt dresses to a much trendier option in bold and funky prints and patterns.

The Ballet Flats

Here's another classic on the list of wardrobe staples - the classic ballet flat. You can have them in the classier Chanel options or the classic black ballet flat, but they are also available in a trendier version like Margiela's leather Tabi. Ballet flats are comfortable and can be an excellent style indicator, just make sure to choose a pair that makes your style shine.

The Tote

Day-to-day life doesn't call for a designer bag to be hauled out everywhere, every day; it calls for one reliable and durable carryall tote that is big enough for anything from your to-go coffee cup to your journal and laptop or tablet. There are many options available, from a practical canvas tote (suited for the casual weekends) that can be washed to a much dressier leather carryall tote that complements your workwear.

The Blazer

A blazer can turn any casual outfit from day to night wear. It is available in waist-defining, dressier and structured versions and can be loose and relaxed for the relaxed, casual style.

The White Sneakers

White sneakers are classic and can be paired easily with anything you can think of, whether you're wearing them with straight-cut jeans and a button-up or a yellow sundress. Sneakers can be everyday comfort wear. It doesn't matter if they are new and buffed or very loved and scuffed. They always look great. They can be made from sustainable canvas or leather, your choice.

The Basic White Tee

There's the button-up, the LBD, and the ballet flats, and this list wouldn't be complete without including the adored white tee shirt. You can have them plain and clean, with no explanation necessary, and they can be available from crew to V-neck, no matter your style. A simple white tee can be paired with any skirt, blue jeans, or work pants and will work with any footwear of your choice, from white sneakers to statement heels.

Are you ready to create a wardrobe that serves you well? Or do you need more styling tips? Drop me a message using the form below and provide details on your dressing challenge, or DM me via my social media. I am here to help!

Thank you for reading.


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