Fashion Colour Trend Report Spring Summer 2019

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In this blog post, let's discuss the trending shades for Spring Summer 2019. I'll also share with you the trending looks to help you embrace the latest colour trends.

The 16 shades are 
1. bright red
2. orange-red
3. pink peacock
4. sweet lilac 
5. coral (a blend of warm and cool tone which is well suited for most skin tone)
6. turmeric (a deeper shade of orange)
7. golden yellow
8. bright yellow
9. princess blue
10. eclipse (a dark blue that is close to black). 
11. Pepper stem ( a shade of yellow-green).
12. terrarium moss
13. Soybean
14. Sweet corn
15. Toffee
16. brown granite (a shade of dark brown)

You'll also get to find the trending looks of the season and where to shop for these outfits. So let's get started!

Trending or not, the most beautiful colour is one that looks great on you and makes you feel empowered. Which of these trending shades do you like best? How would you like to integrate your best shades into your wardrobe?




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