2019 Spring Floral Dresses for Every Budget

Hello there, Beautiful!

Yes! It's officially Spring! 

Even though there are no four seasons in Singapore where I'm staying, Spring is a season I always look forward to. I love flowers, and springtime is marked by the blossoming of blooms. The sight of flowers blossoming is simply enchanting. 

During this time of the year fashion brands and clothing stores launch their Spring collection. And of course, you'll find lots of floral prints blooming in stores highlighting the beauty of the season. 

I'll now share with you some of my favourite Spring floral dresses to help you elevate your look this beautiful season. These dresses cater to every budget, and you can thank me later for it.

Starting from the high-end:

 So, which of these floral dresses win your heart? Please drop me a comment and share with me your favourite look of this season.

Disclaimer: prices stated in this post may fluctuate due to exchange rates and discount offered by the respective stores.


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