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How to Organise Your Shopping List

elevate your style lifestyle Feb 12, 2023

Have you ever found yourself buying clothes that you don't actually wear? You're not alone. All my clients suffered from the same problem of having a huge overcluttered wardrobe but waking up to the I-don't-have-a-thing-to-wear syndrome. As an image consultant, I help my clients bring out their personal best by curating a wardrobe that communicates who they are, considering their goals and lifestyle needs. 

I believe that your great style doesn't come from having a wardrobe full of clothes. Instead, looking amazing starts with having a highly curated wardrobe. This means owning only wardrobe pieces that resonate with you and highlight your beauty and great personality. 

A well-curated wardrobe starts with organising your shopping list, buying only items that bring out the best in you, helping you feel empowered and inspired, and supporting your goals and lifestyle needs.

In this blog post, I'm sharing tips and tricks on how you can organise your shopping list to curate your stylish wardrobe and help you bring home the clothes that communicate your true style and love wearing.

Set shopping goals and ensure they're aligned with your goals and support your lifestyle needs

What are your goals? Consider your day-to-day activities and lifestyle needs. Before heading to the mall, set your shopping goals based on what you wish to achieve. Having that clarity and the personal style that could help you feel empowered can help you stay grounded in buying only items that support you.

Always remember to shop your essence colour, personality style and body shape to ensure everything you buy highlights your beauty and great style. This rule alone will help you avoid getting everything your eyes fancy by focusing only on items that flatter you.

Create a mood board

It's an excellent and often underrated exercise that can help you define your personal style and focus on the looks that support you. Your mood board is a visual collection of images representing clothing pieces you like, helping you create a personal style while also serving as an inspiration when shopping for new clothes. Do you notice a similar pattern in the images you've chosen – texture, colour, and style? 

When shopping, you can check if they're aligned with the mood board's overall style and theme.

Shop with an objective

Just like shopping for clothes that are aligned with your life goals, buying clothes with a purpose and objective in mind can stop you from buying things that don't support you.

Before buying clothes, determine if you really need them and if you have the budget for them. Do you have similar items in your closet? Also, know if you can pair the pieces you want to buy with your current ones and whether you can create different capsules.

Shop with intention

Use a shopping list to shop with purpose and intention. Start grouping together pieces based on where to shop for specific items in your list. Remember that the plan is to stick to your plan. 

Allot a budget for your shopping list. Doing so will give you a number to work with and allow you to plan your shopping trips while preventing overspending.

Keep a running list of the clothes you want or need

Go over your list to see what you actually need rather than only shopping for a specific piece in your mind. Do the same for your shopping trips, and soon you'll find that many items on your list have been checked off. Shopping online? You might want to bookmark the items you want or need and revisit them when the brand offers a sale.

Pairing your existing wardrobe pieces

When thinking about buying a new piece of clothing, consider if it would go well with the other items you currently have. If you want to buy a new jacket that doesn't pair easily with the clothes you already own, it may not be for you.

Buy clothes that you'll feel great in

Pick those items that you are drawn the to. Trust your intuition. Ignore the current fashion trends and fads, and avoid allowing what's trending to influence your style. Also, think about what you're pairing with the item. And if it's separate, consider what to wear with it with your current pieces. If you're gettinbg a dress, do you have accessories or shoes to pair with it? The bottom line is that you don't want to purchase items that can't be matched or paired with what you have.

Final Thoughts

Organising your shopping list goes a long way, and it offers you numerous benefits, including saving time and money and organising your wardrobe. So before shopping for new clothes, accessories, shoes, and bags, organise your shopping list. Consider these tips and have a rewarding, purposeful shopping experience.

Thank you for reading.


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