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Who Are You in 2023?

elevate your style lifestyle live your thriving life Jan 05, 2023
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Hello there,

Happy New Year to you. I hope that you're having an amazing start to 2023.

We've talked extensively about goal setting in recent blogs. To recap on how to create your vision for 2023, click here. To discover how to effectively set goals and milestones, click here. Would you like to learn how to create changes to get a fresh start to the year? Click here.

Perhaps, you've learned so much about it and are now excited to start. But today, let's add to that with a primary focus on creating the look to support your life goals. 

Who do you want to be in 2023? Or if you fell short of your effort to personal transformation in the previous year, who do you want to dress like, at least, this year? But first, let's be clear on one thing – what do you want to achieve? Who do you need to be to achieve your goals?

What Do You Want To Accomplish In 2023?

We all have to start somewhere. At first, there can be a vague, infinite horizon ahead of us, and that can blur our thoughts about what we really want to accomplish for this year.

I totally understand and know how hard it is to answer the "what" of your goals and ambitions. This blog post aims to help you gain the clarity you need.

Decide what you really want to work towards or want to do, ideally, this is something that you're badly interested in or that excites you a lot. And you're doing it because you want to, not because you need to or you're expected to.

This can be big or small, but it doesn't matter. However, it can be easier to break down a big goal into tiny bits – to make them achievable and sustainable. 

Consider the smaller goals that can be under that big goal to narrow this down and make it more specific. Write them down and set specific dates for when you would like to finish them.

Write your goals to constantly be reminded and what your action plan to reach them is 

For inspiration and motivation, write about how you'd feel when you've accomplished those goals.

Describe! Again, write specific dates, targets, and specifics. For instance, "I want to radiate beauty by being healthy" instead of "I want to look good."

Adjust your mindset to help you achieve who you wish to be

One of the most critical factors in determining your success in any endeavour is the way you think about how and what you're doing and how good you are at working through each step of the way. In other words, your mindset.

Develop your growth mindset

A growth mindset is crucial to you becoming the best of who you wish to be and reaching your full potential. With a growth mindset, you don't see failures as setbacks. Instead, you're only one step away from success, and with some adjustments, you can do it. 

Guided by your purpose and values, coupled with awareness, grit and a growth mindset, it's easy to overcome challenges and develop key skills needed for advancement to achieve your goals.

Developing a growth mindset will set you up for success in whatever part of your life you are looking to improve, not just who you wish to be in 2023. 

People with growth mindsets are more likely to confront their fear and uncertainties and face challenges head-on. Those who understand that challenges are inevitable will work hard to overcome them and emerge as winners in their own life.

Dress for your success

Have you ever wondered why some people, even without them talking, would come across as powerful, confident, or empowered? Or how some would appear careless, or less confident? 

Clothing makes the first impression 

Clothing can change how you think, feel, perceive, and understand yourself during situations and experiences. Dressing for success will always remind you of who you are, what you're capable of, and what your life goals are. More importantly, use the power of your image to improve your mood and productivity. Through your clothing, you can actually have a sense of control.

People who dress better feel more powerful, confident and focused. They're also perceived as leaders, so others are naturally drawn to them for ideas and support.

However, dressing for success doesn't mean wearing only branded clothes. What matters is how you present and carry yourself!

Visualise your success and live it already with the right clothing. This is to wear your intention to attract the right energies and manifest success.

Keep going

The road to personal transformation can be filled with hurdles along the way, but I couldn't think of any other way to make it more challenging and fun at the same time without challenges. Be it the inside-out transformation by developing new habits or mindset or an outside-in approach through your dressing to achieve who you want to be in 2023.  

After all, they can make the journey worthwhile – because it could give us life lessons to live our better version, day by day. 

We can also be more creative because we can think of different ways to reach our goals other than just taking only one specific path.   

If there're instances when we need to readjust, it can be easier to do it, and that's fine. 

Wrapping Up

So, who are you in 2023? Are you ready for personal transformation? Remember these tips, and feel inspired to work towards your goals this year.

But remember, don't pressure yourself. A little progress one day at a time is better than no progress at all.

Nevertheless, elevating your style can put you in the right frame of mind to manage your life efficiently and just the way you like it.

The right clothing can also make you feel confident and can give you a powerful psychological boost to think, behave, and act in accordance to achieve your desired goals.

Finally, your dressing sense can affect your overall mood, personality, character, and style, as well as highlight what you really are as a person.

You've got this! Step into the best of you every day in 2023.

Thanks for reading, my friend.

With gratitude,

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