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15 Journal Prompts to Let Go of Anxiety and Find Peace

live your thriving life Oct 19, 2022
Journal with prompts

Life is uncertain. It can leave us feeling insecure and less confident, making us feel helpless about what else is to come. So while you may be trying hard to remain positive, as many would suggest, you may feel frustrated because worries and fears make their way into your ruminating mind. Sometimes, you might feel guilty that things are out of control. You want to feel positive, yet you can't eliminate the negative thoughts that pop into your head. 

Constantly worrying about things beyond your control is energy-draining because it takes a lot of effort to monitor what you're thinking. 

Our thoughts, positive or negative, can influence how we feel. So when you sit in the corner and dwell on the undesirable thoughts that your mind is telling you - the 'what ifs', what could go wrong, or what wrong you think you did or said to someone, any of these thoughts can leave you depressed, tired, and even guilty.

What can you do to release your worries and find peace? What can you do to ensure you'll not drown in those "scary thoughts?"

Journaling to relieve anxiety and find peace

Journaling may be what you need. It can help ease worries and calm an anxious mind, offering a therapeutic activity for anyone to gain a deeper understanding of their thoughts and motivation and find peace in their lives because of anxiety. This activity allows one to express oneself without judgement, allowing self-discovery, clearing your head, and reducing stress. It may also lower one's symptoms of depression and anxiety. 

Journaling allows you to make sense of your world, letting you see it in a less stressful and less daunting light. In addition, it may help you find solutions to your problems because it gives you the chance to pause for a while and see the bigger picture. 

Writing in a journal can also help you recognise your strengths and things to feel grateful for. This will make you worry less and trust yourself more to handle whatever comes your way. 

So, are you feeling overwhelmed and need some relief? Start your journaling journey using any of these journal prompts to let go of anxiety and find peace. I've also prepared a printable download for you to kickstart the process. You may click here to get a copy.


  1. How are you feeling right now? Describe your feeling in detail.
  2. What are the things you can't control and need to let go of?
  3. List down all of the things that you're worried about right now. 
  4. Identify your anxiety triggers and write them down.
  5. Imagine your anxiety is a person and give it a name. What do you think it wants to be heard for? What does it sound like, and what does it need? 
  6. Is your anxiety trying to tell you something? What is it?
  7. What strategies and healthy coping mechanisms have helped you overcome anxiety and stress in the past?
  8. List three of the greatest lessons your anxiety has given you.
  9. Recall three positive things that happened to you today and write them down. Be as detailed as possible.
  10. List at least 10 activities you can do to better care for yourself.
  11. What values are important to you?
  12. Describe the thing or situation that you look forward to every day.
  13. List down the things that you are grateful for. Make a list as long as you can.
  14. List 10 things that make you smile.
  15. Visualise that you are free from anxiety. What would it be like? 

These prompts will help you focus on the NOW and be kind to yourself. They'll help you have faith in yourself and your life's journey to wherever it will take you.

However, you don't need to put pressure on your shoulder to write something too long or specific. Take your time and enjoy the process of journaling, which allows you to take a day off from your worries and fears. Make it your new hobby. What matters is you start with the habit and use it to think about yourself and see your problems from a different angle.

Take note: Journaling is not about replacing your negative thoughts with positive ones nor suppressing or denying they exist. Instead, journaling is an activity to help you direct and focus your brain power on helpful thoughts. In this way, you can release your stress and reduce feelings of anxiety.

This worry journal can help you become more optimistic and positive about your life. It'll be one of your sources of support to feel happier and more content with what you have and be your source of strength to avoid feeling overwhelmed by the things that life throws your way. Nevertheless, journaling can make you feel at peace with a calm and relaxed mind. 

I hope these journal prompts will help you let go of anxiety and find peace as much as they help me overcome my worries and fears. If you like to explore the Living Your Best Life 2023 collection available now till 10 January 2023, you may click here.  



The content of this website is not meant to substitute any advice provided by medical professionals. If you suspect that you're facing mental-health related problems, you're strongly encouraged to seek professional help.



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