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4 Steps to Create Colour Harmony in Your Wardrobe

colour elevate your style Aug 26, 2022
4 Steps to Create Colour Harmony in Your Wardrobe

What colour(s) are you wearing now?
Do you know that colour can be transformational and uplifting if you know how to choose the right colours to wear?

You'll be amazed by how wearing your essence colours can highlight your beautiful features and bring out the great style in you. Have you ever engaged an image consultant to analyse your skin tone to help you identify your essence colours? If yes, you would be aware of your most harmonious colours - are you a Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter? Your image consultant would also have provided you with a seasonal colour palette or a swatch made up of your beautiful essence colours.

Having your colour swatch helps you streamline the colours that instantly illuminate your look and accentuate your beauty. I've created 4 beautiful season palettes for you. You may click here to receive the gift I've created for you.


In this post, I'll show you how to build colour coordination in your wardrobe, and you can use the colour palette I've created to come up with an inspiring wardrobe with clothing pieces that truly make you feel and look fabulous all the time.

Once you've downloaded the colour palette, keep a copy on your mobile phone to help you identify your harmonious colours when shopping for your wardrobe essentials.

I understand that you may feel overwhelmed initially when using your palette. Trust me, you get the hang of it in no time once you're aware of your colour composite. And with constant practice, you'll be a master of your personal style. After some time, you'll find all colours in your wardrobe come together seamlessly to communicate your personal style and showcase the best of you. How cool is that?!?

Let's get started...

Step 1: Understand your colour palette

Every group of seasonal colours is a family made up of a set of neutrals, lights and accents (which include reds), and the combination can help you create the contrast you need.

For one, you'll suit the colour of low contrast or shade if you belong to the light and soft seasons, and the vivid seasons if you've clear or bold colour combinations.

The colours in your eyes and your natural hair colour are your neutrals - shades and tones of cream, grey, taupe, brown, and black. These colours make up the foundations of your wardrobe.

Lights are your quiet hues.

Reds and accents are both vibrant and bright. These are the colours you see on a colour wheel - the versions of your colour families are blue, yellow, red, purple, green, and orange.

Your essence colours are distinct to your seasonal tone and do not overlap with the remaining seasons. However, they may also look somehow similar to a particular season, which has certain common characteristics with yours.

Some of the palette colours may also look like they are the same colours. But if you take a closer look, especially in natural lighting conditions, you'll notice that they are each of their unique shades.

Remember this: the more that colours are coordinating and harmonious with each other, the closer their resemblance to each other will be.

Both the palette colours and the item colours, like nail polish, cosmetic, yarn, and fabric, should harmoniously blend.

When the colours are harmonious, they look like they share the same colour resonance and quality, creating uniformity or oneness in the overall ensemble.

However, even a small alteration can disallow colour harmony. Recheck the match in natural light because changing rooms in shops do not have enough lighting.

While there can be thousands of colours to find in the spectrum, your specific palette is personalised to represent your best seasonal tone along with its variations. They represent different varieties in the colour groups but without looking overwhelming.

You'll see this easily with constant practice and persistence in coming up with the perfect matches from the beginning. Eventually, the more right pieces you own in your harmonious essence colours, the more you'll clearly see what works and what doesn't.

Would you like to learn about your seasonal colour? Click here to read my blog post on the 12 seasonal colours. and find out which colour season you belong to.

Step 2: Match the colours of your current clothing pieces on the colour palette

Examine your closet items and compare them with your essence colours on the colour palette. Get some of your favourite clothing pieces and compare them with it. Did you find a match? If you did, you'll get an idea of how these items could come together to complement you.

Keep your well-loved pieces to the colours of your season or those identified during the personal colour analysis. Those colour dimensions will be your guide to creating a personalised harmonious wardrobe.

Remove closet pieces that aren't close to your personalised colours. Also, eliminate those pieces that don't complement you, as well as those that you haven't worn recently.

Step 3: Shop mindfully!

Using your personal colour palette, you can make a trend-proof, practical, and useful wardrobe that contains only the pieces that suit you and that inspire you.

For a start, purchase inexpensive clothes and wear light makeup in your colours if you're unsure. Next step, integrate colours and explore interesting pairings you're comfortable wearing.

As you start wearing only colours from your seasonal colour palette, your family and friends might give you feedback. They might also need a little time to finally adjust to the changes you've made. But even if they don't know what colour coordination or harmony is, they'll start to notice the positive effects it has on you.

Remember your colour when shopping. Initially, you might find it challenging to identify your colour matches, but with practice, wearing your colours stylishly would become easier for you.

Now that you have your colour palette, you can easily identify the clothing colours that work best for you, eliminating any past disappointments and frustrations you might have had.

Step 4: Using your personalised colour palette

The primary goals of creating a personalised colour palette are to help you build a closet with the most flattering clothes you'll love and feel inspired as you wear your harmonious colours.

It is also to help you identify the primary accessories, which allow you to combine multiple outfits that will make you feel good. Lastly, it is to build a cosmetic bag with makeup that will flatter your skin tone.

Using this guide, you'll be able to shop for clothes, accessories, and fashion pieces that align with your colour palette or swatch book.

Doing so, you can automatically enliven the appearance of your hair colour, your eyes, and your skin, which are the primary aspects of identifying your colours. As a result, you'll be able to enhance your own style confidently!

However, good results will only show up with practice. Don't feel overwhelmed with everything you've learned about your colour harmony and overall colouring. Moreover, you shouldn't feel bad about the purchases you've already made.

The goal of a colour consultation is to improve your decision-making skills in the future purchases you'll make.

Once you've learned and got the hang of identifying your essence colours, you can easily find and pick the colours that suit you. This information will be yours forever.

Initially, you should invest effort, commitment, and time to curate a harmonious, coordinated, and simplified wardrobe that has only the right pieces.

Allow yourself some ample time to become familiar with your colours. If you do, you'll effortlessly shop differently because you'll be naturally drawn toward your colour essences. Soon enough, you'll notice that your colour scheme will be second nature to you.

You'll take a while to pull an entire personalised and harmonious wardrobe. But let me tell you this. You'll be super proud when you build a wardrobe that works for you and that flatters your skin tone, eye colour, and hair colour.

Nevertheless, it's well worth every effort put into the endeavour. If you need help, consult an image specialist to help create and use a personalised colour palette.

Thank you for reading.

With love,

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