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7 Steps to Create Your Stylish Wardrobe Capsule

elevate your style how to look stylish Nov 10, 2022
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Have you always been struggling to decide what to wear every morning? And when you look in the mirror, you often feel dissatisfied with the outfit matches you come up with? You've got a wardrobe full of clothes, but you woke up to the I-don't-have-a-thing-to-wear syndrome every morning. The idea of making poor wardrobe decisions makes you feel bad.

You're not alone! Many women feel that choosing an outfit that suits them is challenging and time-consuming. Well, there can be a simple solution to this struggle – a capsule wardrobe!

In this post, I'll discuss what it is and ways to create a capsule wardrobe, which will help communicate your great style and beauty as you learn to select outfits that highlight your personal best.

But first, what is a capsule wardrobe?

It refers to a set number of clothes, which can be mixed and matched with one another, creating several outfits from a few pieces. 

If you're residing in a country with four seasons, one capsule is typically formulated for three months (per season), and then you'll have another capsule wardrobe for the next three months (another season).

You can organise your wardrobe and save money in the process with a capsule wardrobe, as you can eliminate the need to keep shopping for new sets of clothes which you might not actually use and end up at the back of your closet. And when one of the pieces doesn't fit anymore, you buy its replacement to add to your capsule wardrobe.

Creating a Capsule Wardrobe

A capsule wardrobe is composed of interchangeable and complementing clothes. They are often classics that never go out of style or neutral colours that can be paired with other colours seamlessly. These are the foundation pieces for your wardrobe, which I call your wardrobe essentials or staples.

So with a capsule wardrobe, you can create different outfits with just a few select clothes. Check out the following for the essential steps in starting a capsule wardrobe.

1. Analyse your current lifestyle and fashion style.

Ask yourself: What are my primary activities? What do I like doing in my free time? What kind of image supports you and your career?

What clothing themes dominate your closet? Do you ever wear those clothes, or do they remain sitting there for months? So, do you have a lot of sneakers and loafers, yet you're more feminine and love classic flats and heels?

Considering your beautiful body shape, are your wardrobe essentials flattering your body?

Analysing your current personality style and lifestyle will help you determine what kind of clothes you really need in your closet and how to shop with clear intention.

2. Declutter and make more space in your closet

Now, it's time to do the wardrobe detox after determining your current style and lifestyle. Knowing what you're wearing on most days will give you an idea of the current wardrobe that exists in your closet.

3. Select the items you love to wear

NOTE: A capsule wardrobe doesn't include any formal dress you wear to a wedding, black-tie event, or sleepwear. Instead, it's a set of matched outfits you love to wear according to your lifestyle that caters to your daily needs.

Get ready to create two piles of clothes.

The first one is for those items that make you feel empowered, happy, and confident. They're your go-to clothes to start creating your capsule wardrobe.

The second pile is made up of clothes you haven't worn for the last 60 days. It's where you should exert more effort as you organise clothes into their categories.

Before you categorise your clothes from pile #2, think of this as you go over the cleaning out of your closet, "Am I considering wearing this in the future because it will make me happy, or it's just making me feel guilty that I must wear it because of ___? I suggest that you eliminate clothes that are not serving you or you're keeping them simply because of guilt. You may sell these clothes if they are in good condition or donate them to others who need them.

When you've finished categorising and separating your clothes, count the number of items you have for each category. Those clothes you got for every category will be the foundation for building your capsule wardrobe.

If you're residing in a country with four seasons, consider creating capsules for every season to make a less-cluttered closet. Each capsule should contain only the items you'll be wearing for a particular season. Looking at your capsule wardrobe per season, you can determine what you have and find ways to create new outfit matches using the same pieces. So for every season change, you can have a new capsule that limits your shopping and reduces the stress of not having to think about what to wear.

4. Determine your essence colour

Are the colours in your wardrobe harmonious and well-coordinated? When your wardrobe is made up of your essence colour, you'll find the process of creating capsule effortless because all items come together to create your signature style seamlessly. 

If you're unsure, check out these free colour palettes I've created for you to help you identify and wear your essence colours stylishly. 

Would you like to learn how to create colour harmony in your wardrobe? Click here to read my previous blog post, '4 Steps to Create Colour Harmony in Your Wardrobe'.

5. Be creative with your separates

Look into your wardrobe and explore creative ways of creating different looks using everything you own. You're likely to find new ways of wearing your clothes, especially pieces that you haven't worn for a while. 

Items that you find aren't inspiring or empowering and don't communicate YOU, it's okay to let them go. Give them to someone who you think can appreciate them, and make better use of these items.

Note: Get rid of items you don't wear and take up space in your closet. Although it can be hard to let go because we're not used to it, it'll be fun and worthwhile to free space in your closet for new clothes that will suit your lifestyle, body, and style. Moreover, you won't wear what you can't see. Having a cluttered wardrobe will take you too long to curate your stylish look in the morning. Hence, the key to having a great style is to have a streamlined wardrobe with only capsules that highlight and accentuate your personal best.

6. Make a wish list for your missing wardrobe items to fill your capsule gaps.

When making a new purchase, make sure the item fits well into your wardrobe by considering your personality style, essence colours and body shape. Think about the existing essentials you own. Are you able to create multiple looks with the new items?

Make sure it is a good investment piece you'll wear to make the item worth the purchase and avoid random impulse buying.

7. Invest in quality pieces

Be an intentional or mindful shopper! Invest in fewer quality pieces than many low-quality clothes that will soon wear and need replacement. If possible, support sustainable brands that are mindful of the production process and use only organic, natural, and even recycled materials. While sustainable fashion is more expensive than fast fashion, you can be certain that it's long-lasting, ethical, and made of quality materials.

Final Thoughts

Starting a capsule wardrobe is a great move for its benefits, like reduced stress and decision fatigue in the morning when getting dressed. In addition, you'll spend less time deciding what to wear because you already know what style works for you, and you could quickly put together your stylish OOTD effortlessly. You also become an intentional shopper who can spend less on clothes and ensure that you're buying only quality, timeless pieces, which will save you much money in the long run. 

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