Wearing Your Colours to Enhance Your Beauty

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As an Image Consultant, part of my job requires me to provide advice to my clients on the best use of hues, and how to integrate their essence colours into their wardrobe and daily life, so that they can look great and feel confident.

In this blog post, we're going to discuss the magic of wearing your essence colour and how doing so can instantly boost your style; you'll immediately look more radiant and beautiful with hues that enhance your skin tone and facial features.

Let's first take a look at Mary (on the left), Cecilia (middle) and Jessica (right). How do you think they look in red?

Starting with Mary, do you think bright red flatters her?

Mary has a fair complexion and light colour hair, and therefore, her overall natural colour palette is soft and light. Hence, bright red stands out too much on her natural colour palette.

Let's dress Mary in a lighter shade, say pink colour. How do you think she looks now?

If you find that pink had complemented Mary's look (more than bright red) and had illuminated her face, you're right! Since her overall colour is light and soft, Mary is suited to the lighter colour palette. The bright red looks too intense on her. For this reason, you tend to notice the bright colour, instead of paying attention to her beauty. The intense colour has stolen her limelight.

Let's take a look at Cecilia. How do you think she looks in bright red?

At one glance, the red seems to appear fine on Cecilia. That said, before we decide, let's place orange-red on Cecilia and see how that turns out.

What do you think? Bright red, or orange-red for Cecilia?

If orange-red is your answer. Yes! You're right again. Getting this right shows that you are colour sensitive.

Cecilia has a warmer skin tone. Thus, bright red looks alright on her, but it does not bring out the best in her natural skin tone.

Comparing bright red and orange-red, the latter gives Cecilia a glow, and the shade somehow lifted her overall look, highlighting her beautiful features.

Let's review the bright red on Lisa. Do you think this colour enhances her natural skin tone?

Bright red is totally Lisa's colour. She has jet-black hair and luminous skin. Her sharp features and extreme colour value increase the intensity of her presence. Therefore, she looks great in clear and highly saturated colours.

Here are some personal styling tips for you - before making any clothing purchase, you may like to ask the following questions:

  1. does the colour of your outfit make you feel great, and give you that confidence boost?
  2. is the colour of your clothing overpowering you based on your overall natural colouring? Remember that your choice of clothing should empower and uplift you. 
  3. does it elevate your look by enhancing your skin tone and facial features?

Wearing your right shade matters. When wearing your right colour, you can instantly look more stylish, healthier and beautiful in a natural way.

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This blog is dedicated to providing you with resources and tips on personal styling and branding. Should you have any burning questions in these areas, please drop pop your questions in the comment box below. I'll be happy to address your image concerns. 

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