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How to Declutter Your Wardrobe

elevate your style lifestyle wardrobe management Jan 13, 2023
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Now that we've discussed your goals and who you want to be in 2023, let's declutter all that is not serving you so that you can focus on your goals and everything you need to support you.

Do you have an overcluttered wardrobe, but can't find a thing to wear every morning? You spent the morning deciding what to wear but were rarely happy with the outfits you put together. Does this scenario sound familiar to you? This is a sign that you need a wardrobe detox to ensure that all your wardrobe pieces highlight the best of you by wearing your essence colours, flattering your body and showcasing your unique style persona.

Maybe you're feeling guilty about removing those pieces that no longer serve you. Or perhaps you don't know which pieces to keep and which to discard to free up space in your closet.

I've created this guide to help you get rid of the clothes that don't fit, don't make you feel your best, and aren't comfortable to wear anymore. This blog post will show you how to conduct an audit and create a stylish and functional wardrobe that will help you achieve your personal and style goals every day.

Steps to decluttering your wardrobe

1. Remove all the clothes from your wardrobe. 

2. Use a cleaning cloth to wipe down your wardrobe. Begin wiping down the larger areas and then the corners. Make sure that everything is clean.

3. Keep only clothes that meet the following golden rules:

  • Highlight your essence colours.
  • Enhance your body shape.
  • Celebrate your personality style.
  • Tailor to your lifestyle needs.

4. Get three carton boxes or trash bags and sort everything that doesn't meet the criteria stated in #3 into:

  • to sell.
  • to donate.
  • to trash. 

Label them clearly to avoid confusion.

Answer these questions to help you decide what to keep

  • Do the clothes bring out your skin tone and help you look radiant?
  • Does it fit you well now? 
  • Is it helping you express your personality?
  • Is it catering to your lifestyle needs?
  • Is it damaged, lost its shape, needing repair, or stained? Get rid of clothes that are damaged, lose their shape, and are beyond repair.
  • Do you feel comfortable and at your best in it? 
  • Have you worn it in the past 6 months? 

Every piece in your wardrobe should showcase the best of you and inspire you.


All the clothing items that aren't your essence colour, don't flatter your body shape, no longer fit your current body shape, don't support your lifestyle, and you no longer wear them must go!

Things to remove from your wardrobe

· Clothes that are either too small or too big and no longer match your lifestyle.

· Irreparable clothes.

· Clothes are difficult to wear (need a lot of ironing, and you never have time for it).

· Clothes you don't have plans of wearing again.

· Clothes that are not making feel good.

· Accessories (such as shoes and bags) that you no longer use and serve your needs. 

· Guilt apparel (gifts, high cost, bought out of impulse) that you are not putting to good use and you have not used in the past 6 months.

Pro tips for organising your wardrobe:

Sorting your wardrobe pieces

Segment your wardrobe essentials pieces you're keeping based on your daily activities. Have a little gap between each piece of hanging garment so they are not crumpled in your closet, as wrinkled outfits take too much preparation time, and you're unlikely to wear them.

Use the appropriate wardrobe organiser

Neaten your wardrobe using storage organisers to help you see everything immediately without struggling and wasting time searching. Having a bird's eye view of what you have will maximise your wardrobe space and everything you have.

Use the right hangers

I suggest using slim velvet or non-slip hangers to maximise your wardrobe space. For heavier dresses, use wooden hangers that can hold up the weight of your dress. 

Declutter regularly to keep track of your clothes and ensure everything you own really deserves a place in your wardrobe.

Follow the Golden Rules

I'm going to keep these golden rules on repeat as I can't emphasise their importance enough. When shopping, keep the golden rules in mind. Again, here are the golden rules of your wardrobe essentials. Buy ONLY clothes that:

  • Are of your essence colours.
  • Flatter your body shape.
  • Celebrate your personality style.
  • Cater to your lifestyle needs.
  • Bring out the best of you.

If you feel bad for discarding the clothes you're not using, remember that having a streamlined wardrobe with everything that showcases your personal best will help you look stylish effortlessly. Think about the time you could save when morning dressing decisions are made easy. Instead of thinking about what you'll lose when decluttering, focus on what you'll gain from having a stylish and functional wardrobe and the time you could have to enjoy your morning. Relish on thoughts on what you'll achieve by decluttering instead.

Be ready to let things go. 

I totally understand that we can have sentimental attachments to some clothes in our wardrobe, perhaps a dress worn on prom night or your wedding dress. However, letting go of the pieces no longer serve you is one of the first steps to help you free up space in your wardrobe and curate a wardrobe that serves your need. Get in the right mindset and be prepared to let go of the clothing pieces you no longer wear.

Create a holiday box. 

This is another way of decluttering your wardrobe. For example, you don't need a bunch of bikinis in your wardrobe because you only wear them in the summer. Consider creating a holiday storage box where you group together pieces that you only wear during a specific season. Label it and put it on a high shelf or in the attic to free up space for your everyday wardrobe. 

Create an occasion wear box. 

Just like a holiday box, an occasion wear box will allow you to store away your special occasion clothes and allow you to find them easily when the right time to wear them comes. Label the box and write down the items you store before keeping it away or putting it above your wardrobe.

Final Thoughts

Decluttering your wardrobe and ensuring you've got only essentials that bring out your true signature style. Seeing the best version of yourself in the mirror heightens your confidence and gives you joy and satisfaction for walking into a personalised and organised space. And through decluttering, you can reduce stress while increasing productivity.

Imagine spending less time deciding what to wear every morning. Instead, you can spend time on what brings you happiness, such as enjoying your morning coffee or reading a good book. How does that sound? If you need more help decluttering your wardrobe or like to learn how to curate your true style, I'm pleased to announce that Elevate Your Style Masterclass will be available in March. To learn more about my transformational courses that will take your true style inside-out, click here.

Thank you for reading.



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