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How to Find Out If You Have Cool or Warm Skin Undertone

colour analysis radiate in your essence colour Oct 24, 2019
How to Find Out If You Have Cool or Warm Skin Undertone

'Am I warm, cool, or neutral?' This is one question I get very often during my image workshops and consultations. 

Essentially, this question is about examining our undertone to find out the colours that flatter our look. The end-result aims to help us appear healthier, and look more beautiful by recognising and wearing our best hues.

In this blog post, I'll explain to you what made up our undertone and how to find out if your undertone is warm, cool, or neutral.

It is not easy to identify our undertone as the colour lies underneath our skin. Therefore, our undertone is not apparent to our eyes. It is often confused with our skin tone, which is the exterior of us. We describe our skin tone as either fair, medium, or dark. Our undertone, unlike skin tone, is many layers beneath our skin, and it is something that is not directly obvious to us, which makes it challenging to identify.

Our skin tone may change due to factors such as exposure to UVA and UVB (sunlight), as well as ageing. However, our undertone remains consistent throughout our lifetime. 

To check on your undertone, you need to examine your

  • cheeks and forehead.
  • neck.
  • arms.

What are you seeing? Do you have

Pink or bluish undertones?

Yellow, peachy, golden undertones?

A mix of warm and cool undertones?

Here's your result: 


Pink or bluish undertones

You've got a cool undertone, and you look great in colours with a little blue in them.


Yellow, peachy, golden undertones

You've got a warm undertone, wearing colours with a little yellow or orange will enhance your look.


A mix of warm and cool undertones 

You've got a neutral undertone, and you look good in both warm and cool colours.


Alternatively, you may use a metal test to identify your undertone. Do you look better in gold or silver accessories? Which metal makes you glow and helps you appear healthier?

If wearing gold accessories lights up your look, you're likely to have a warmer undertone. If you look better in silver accessories, you're most probably having a cooler undertone. And if you look good in both silver and gold accessories, you've got a neutral undertone.

Recognising our undertone will tell us if we are suited to the warm or cool colour family or both. There are other factors that we should consider to get the most out of the colour analysis. These factors include our colour value which indicates if we are suited to the lighter or darker tones, and the colour intensity, which will tell us if we should wear brighter shades. 

I've created 4 seasonal colour swatches, each containing 36 hues to help you identify your beautiful essence colours instantly. These are my gifts to you. Click on the image below to get these FREE seasonal colour palettes.

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