Coming back in December 2023




Coming back in December 2023

Reflecting on what you took from 2022 is the best way you can prepare to make 2023 an even better year.

Design Your Thriving 2023 is a free virtual workshop that provides you with a step-by-step guide to bring you closer to your thriving year in 2023.

Together, we'll reflect on your experiences in 2022, make plans and design your thriving 2023. You'll get to decide what this means to you and develop milestones to create and live your thriving year.

With a set of guided questions and exercises, I'll guide you to uncover your practices, habits and mindsets to design the ideal year for yourself.

Through some reflection works, you'll learn from past events, celebrate your achievements, and plan your path ahead, one that you like to walk on because you'd tailored it for yourself.


These are the actionable we'll cover in the 1-hour virtual workshop.

2022 Reflections

Reviewing the events in 2022 can help elevate your feelings of gratitude and find areas of growth, and help you be more intentional with your energy going forward.

2022 Evaluations

Evaluate the significance and the impacts of these events on you.

Brainstorm Opportunities & Explore Possibilities

Examine the activities that bring you positive emotions and growth opportunities and explore possibilities in 2023.

2023 Goal Settings

Envision your thriving 2023 and set goals to take your vision to action.

Create Milestones & Action Plan

Develop actionable together with a timeline aligned with your vision to achieve your thriving 2023.

Design Your Thriving 2023

Enter 2023 with clarity and positive intentions, and get ready for an amazing year.

Coming Back in December 2023

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Get comfy while staying focused during the workshop with the following...

1-2 Hours of Uninterrupted Time

Your Fav. Snacks & Drink

A Good Playlist Made Up of Music or Songs That Soothe Your Soul

Scent That Put You In A Good Mood


Download & Print The Workbook Prior to the Workshop



Hi there,


BSc, Psychology.

I'm the creator of Live Your Best Life Journals

Like yourself, I'm on a journey of growth. Every year-end, it is my privilege to set aside some time to conduct free virtual workshops for individuals who are interested in joining me on this journey of personal growth and development.

Studies on behavioural science have shown that new year's resolutions don't work unless you know exactly what to do. I'm here to provide the step-by-step framework to help you set goals and vision for 2023, and create milestones that will support you in living your thriving year.

Are you ready to design, create and live your thriving 2023? Join me, and I'll see you at my virtual workshop.

You'll be thankful that you'd join me on this journey. And also, you can thank me later for this free workshop.

See you in December

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